Maintenance Connection recently sponsored a softball team for an all-night tournament in a charity that echoes our own values. Since 2010, Utah-based Sanpete Gives Back has been uniting a community around a specific family in need.

Their mission statement says it all:

“Every year, we adopt a family in Sanpete County, Utah based on their faith, perseverance & optimism as they tackle a trial in their life. A “wish” is made, a tournament is held, and a community is inspired.”

This year’s recipient was the Spencer Family of Mount Pleasant, Utah. Cheryl Spencer was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2010. The cancer metastasized to her bones and then her brain. Although she was confined to a wheelchair for 2 years, she always had a good attitude and cheerful smile. The softball event was held in her honor and all proceeds were donated to her and her family.


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