In October 2011, a group of MC staff will be traveling from the United States to Cambodia to give back. We will be partnering with Young Life Ministries, a customer of Maintenance Connection utilizing our flagship facility maintenance software. Young Life currently uses Maintenance Connection’s CMMS to manage facilities within the organization’s youth camps across the US. Through a partnership with Young Life Expeditions, the trip to Cambodia will be a great experience for the MC team as well as the team that currently leads Young Life’s efforts in the country. This will also be the first of what we expect to be many more trips like this in the future through our MC Gives Back initiative.

Young Life currently operates several community centers Phnom Penh where local youth have a safe place to do school work and spend time with friends. The leaders at each center build relationships with the students, provide training, and take every opportunity to invest in their lives. Each of the centers in the country’s capitol city have computer labs where teens can learn valuable skills creating opportunities for their success. Part of our gives back initiative in Cambodia is to provide necessary support and upgrades to their computers in the labs. We will be teaching basic Microsoft Office courses, and may even have the opportunity to spend time teaching conversational English. We will be assessing their facilities and providing a bit of manual labor to paint, build, or do whatever we can to spruce things up a bit. We hope to learn about the culture and take a short break from our busy schedules to do something that we hope will make a difference.

We leave September 30th and will be posting frequent updates during the week of October 3-7 as we give back to Young Life Cambodia.

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