Our Customer Coordinator team had their annual department summit in San Francisco last week. To wrap up their time together, they spent a few hours giving back to a great local organization called San Francisco City Impact. This was an excellent way to cap off our first annual MC Gives Back Local.

Our Manager of Customer Experience, Drew Hayes, tells the story…

To begin our day, we had orientation with Zack, a young man originally from Portland, OR.  Zack told us a number of interesting and heart-wrenching stories of the neighborhood, including how the organization was born:  In 1984 after getting off the graveyard shift, Roger Huang was waiting for a tow truck in the Tenderloin.  He noticed a young boy being picked on by a group of bullies.  But Roger figured “this is the Tenderloin – that kind of thing happens all the time.  But on the way home, the incident was heavy on his heart, “What if that was your son being picked on?”  The next morning Roger and his wife made 50 sandwiches, and Roger went back to the Tenderloin to give them away to the homeless.  The following week he brought his wife Maite to the Tenderloin to help with the ministry, and San Francisco City Impact was born.  In another story, he described how a young girl who frequented City Impact was kidnapped and trafficked back and forth from SF to LA twice over the course of over two years.  She was finally able to make a call to one of the staff, and they were able to go and rescue her from captivity.

Today, the ministry has grown to five major departments with 16 weekly programs.  These organizations are designed “to intervene, physically and spiritually, on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco.”  The five major departments are:  SF Rescue Mission (where we helped during our time there), SF City Academy (their school with roughly 100 students K-8th where we had orientation), Adopt-a-Building (where they go into the housing units to serve, build relationships, and make a difference), City Impact Church, and their Volunteer Center.

During our time, we were able to serve breakfast and coffee to the folks at the Rescue Mission, wash dishes and chairs, clean the kitchen area, sweep and mop, paint, and install a ceiling fan.  Below are a few photos of our time there.  Serving along-side these great people, we were all touched by their sacrifice and dedication to their small corner of the city.  And as we left, we discussed how we were each impressed with the need to do more, and how grateful we are that we work for a company which not only values giving back, but makes it possible and easy.

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