What a great start to our 2013 MC Gives Back trip! After three short days in Chiapas working alongside the Mexican students and staff, the MC team has accomplished quite a bit.

As we entered Escuela Telescundaria 428, the school was in great need of a fresh coat of paint, and the students welcomed us with lots of excitement. We applied over 30 gallons of paint to the entire school, giving it a fresh look. Having the students work with us side by side helped to create a sense of pride and ownership of the project. The school went from run down to rejuvenated over the course of a couple days, with plenty of breaks for pickup USA vs Mexico soccer games.

Over 100 soccer balls are lost each year due to a low fence around the concrete playing field. Another project was to increase the fence height to help with this issue. The boys from the school were amazing as they climbed scaffolding to create a net 20 feet high. The boys then insisted on a soccer game to test out the net.

The school’s computer lab consisted of very outdated PCs, and the principal explained how the kids huddle around the few computers to do their school work. Much of their curriculum is delivered online and every child in this day and age needs to know how to operate computers. The Maintenance Connection team decided to make a trip to the local electronics store and picked up nine new computers, while the rest of the team cleaned and painted the computer lab. Once installed, the students and staff were incredibly grateful.

It has been an incredible start to the week, and we are just getting started. Tomorrow, the team will begin building an obstacle course for the kids to use during their summer camp.










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