Our 2012 MC Gives Back team headed down on Friday to Costa Rica to spend a week giving back. The group of seventeen, which includes a couple staff from Australia and London, will be spending next week in a community helping one specific family in need. Maintenance Connection is partnering for another year with a customer, Young Life Ministries, to make a positive impact around the world.

The Granados family has four young sons who have all been through the Vida Joven (Spanish for “Young Life”) program over the past several years. The father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and the family’s home that they’ve lived in for 20 years is in need of many critical repairs. One specific challenge is a roof that is collapsing and leaking water into the next door neighbors’ home. This is the project the team will be tackling.

This week, our team will be working hard alongside several “ticos” (how Costa Ricans refer to themselves) to remove and rebuild the new roof with the proper slope and support. They will also be playing soccer with some of the young ticos an getting to know the YL Costa Rica students and leaders. Replacing a roof will be a big project, but the team is excited to get their hands dirty and help this great family.

Here are a few photos from our first day on the ground today. Be sure to visit this site during the week for more updates on this great MC Gives Back project.

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