Our MC Gives Back team arrived in Cambodia after 20 long hours of flying from the US. Arriving in the morning and jet-lagged, we opted to stay the course and skip a much desired nap. A California youth camp donated 11 boxes of computers which we brought with us for the Young Life Cambodia team. Our first exciting experience was to see how we could fit all 11 boxes and each of our luggage in the bed of one of our host’s small pickup truck. As you can see from the picture, this was a very different method than we are used to. 
We spent Saturday and Sunday visiting the S21 Museum and the killing fields, learning about the tragic history of Cambodia and the recent genocide where over 2 millions Cambodians were killed by the vicious Khmer Rouge. It was certainly emotional, but has prepared us to really understand the country, it’s people, and has given us another motivation for giving back this week. Our gracious hosts from Young Life have been wonderful to work with and we are very excited to see how our team can make a positive impact while we’re here.
Monday was a day of visiting each of the community centers and high schools where Young Life reaches out. Traveling around the city of Phnom Penh is a much different experience than most of us have ever seen. The many near traffic misses, “tuk-tuk” carts, hundreds of mopeds each making their own path through intersections, along with the very unique sights and smells make travel very interesting.
At the centers we tested and evaluated the donated computers, and made project / shopping lists for the rest of the week. The first goal of our trip is to use the skills of our team to upgrade and network the PCs at the three centers and two high schools, which began today with center #1. The highlight and finish to our first day giving back was the opportunity to teach english class to over 40 Young Life students. Lots of laughs and very entertaining attempts to speak each other’s language made for a fun ending to our first day.

Tomorrow we will dive in again to continue upgrading the PCs and we will begin training the instructors on Microsoft Office and other software programs.
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