Well, another MC Gives Back 2015 – US Edition trip is in the books. In this most recent Gives Back trip, we had the privilege of spending two days serving multiple organizations and ministries in the Denver area. This Gives Back trip was truly a local trip as many of our employees hail Denver as home. Two of the organizations we had the privilege to serve, Confluence Ministries and The Tennyson Center, are located in the heart of downtown Denver. The third organization we teamed up with for this Gives Back trip was Habitat for Humanity.

Both Confluence Ministries and The Tennyson Center are organizations that have become ingrained in both the community and neighborhoods where they are located. Confluence Ministries is located in an area of Denver that has had issues with crime and drugs. They have worked and assisted the community to provide community development and outreach to those in need. The Tennyson Center has been around since the early 1900’s. Started as a safe haven for orphans and troubled youth, it has morphed into a huge resource for troubled youth of all ages in the Denver area. The Tennyson Center has a school, dorms, and programs that help youths that have struggled with many different issues.

Habitat for Humanity is a great organization we were able to partner with to help build a couple houses in a suburb of Denver. If you know anything about Habitat for Humanity you know that they are great at what they do and how they provide for struggling communities.

We spent our first day working on a couple of projects for Confluence Ministries. We split up our group into multiple teams and attacked them all at once. One of the teams worked on a project of stripping, priming, and painting a house in the local community. This was a huge project that took a lot of hard work and elbow grease! Another one of our teams took on a project of major landscaping for a local business. A few of the tasks completed were weeding, trimming, and cutting down an old, dead tree the was precariously close to the building. We can report that no one was injured! The last group was tasked with a more artistic job of painting large canvases, and building planters out of old pallets for a local festival. It was a long but very profitable day. Some of our favorite projects are being able to take a step back at the end of the day and see the huge difference that you have been able to make.

On day two, we split up into two groups. One group headed to the suburbs to help out building homes with Habitat for Humanity. They were tasked with building the gables for a few of the new houses. The second group headed over to The Tennyson Center to help with a couple projects. In front of the The Tennyson Center is a huge rose garden that needed tending and weeding. The team was able to tackle that project as well as cleaning a few of the youth dorm kitchens. The team completely removed everything from each of the kitchen cabinets and cleaned, washed, organized, and put it all back into the cabinets.

Looking back at this trip, its amazing at all the opportunities we had to serve the community of Denver. In two days, not only did we accomplish many tasks, but we walked away with our hearts full from giving back locally. The Local Gives Back trips are not as long as our typical international trips, but the need and accomplishment are just as profound locally. We were able to team up with and serve such great organizations.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, we have partnered with Super Service Challenge (SSC) this year for our Gives Back trips. The SSC is a nationwide movement to transform business through service. They have found that one of the best ways to create teamwork and engagement is to serve together outside the workplace, and they have created a challenge around this concept. So we began this challenge on our first trip by creating some videos through the projects. You can take a look at these videos and actually “like” them by clicking VOTE for them here, which could ultimately end up winning the non-profits we serve money and prizes! So please visit our SSC site and vote the videos from our various projects!

Stay tuned for more updates this summer as we are putting together a great recap video from our projects in Denver. As for now, here are a couple of pictures from our projects in Denver.












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