Well, the first of our three MC Gives Back 2015 – US Edition trips is in the books. This week we had the privilege of spending two days serving Woodland Christian School in Woodland, California. Woodland Christian School is near and dear to quite a few of our California-based employees. In fact, both Chris Bucher and Brad Squires attended this school growing up as well as a few of our other staff. So when we heard there was a big need right in our own backyard, it only made sense for us to come alongside Woodland and serve.

Woodland Christian School was in the process of moving their entire elementary school to their new campus. So we split the team into groups and spent Day One loading up the elementary classrooms and transporting them over to the new campus. While one group was busy loading and unloading countless boxes, a second group spent Day One putting together ten picnic tables that Maintenance Connection donated to Woodland Christian School.

Day Two was spent finishing up moving of the rest of the elementary classrooms, as well as other various pieces of equipment that needed to be moved to the new location. There was also about 300 yards of mulch that needed to be spread throughout the new campus, so one of our groups was happy to tackle that project in the wonderful 100 degree heat! The last project of Day Two was weather-staining a 700-foot fence around the perimeter of the campus.

At the end of the day, we were able to accomplish more than we had hoped. The elementary school was moved, the fence was stained, the picnic tables were assembled, and the mulch was spread. The Local Gives Back trips are not as long as our typical international trips, but the need and accomplishment are just as profound locally. To be able to come alongside of this school and serve them was such a great opportunity. We were able to knock out these projects that would have taken countless hours and all summer to complete.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, we have partnered with Super Service Challenge (SSC) this year for our Gives Back trips.┬áThe SSC is a nationwide movement to transform business through service. They have found that one of the best ways to create teamwork and engagement is to serve together outside the workplace, and they have created a challenge around this concept. So we began this challenge on our first trip by creating some videos through the projects. You can take a look at these videos and actually “like” them by clicking VOTE for them here, which could ultimately end up winning the non-profits we serve money and prizes! So please visit our SSC site and vote the videos from our various projects!

Stay tuned for more updates this summer as we still have two more US Edition trips coming up. For now, we’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from our project at Woodland Christian School.


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