This summer one of the groups from Maintenance Connection was able to spend two days serving a organization called Crista Ministries. Crista Ministries is an organization here in the Pacific Northwest that serves the community in areas of education, global relief and development, youth camps, senior care, and media. The two days we spent helping and serving Crista was through their Crista Camps ministry. Crista owns two year-around camps, Miracle Ranch and Island Lake where thousands of team come to spend days or weeks learning having fun and getting to be kids. We were able to spend a day at each camp diving in and tackling whatever they needed us to do. A lot of the projects we were able to take on were things that the camp teams just did not have the man-power or resources to do themselves. We spent the first day at Island Lake camp. They had a huge warehouse/shop that had not be cleaned out in years. Our team spent most of the day cleaning out and organizing the building. The rest of the day was spent on various landscaping project such as cleaning out gutters, cleaning off roofs, and weeding. For our second day, the group got to spend the day at the other Crista camp, Miracle Ranch. We spent the day mulching their outdoor pavilion and fire pit area, building a shed for supplies, and weeding all the flower beds around their offices and cabins. Overall it was a fantastic trip truly helping out a great organization that just needed some helping hands.

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MC Gives Back 2016 – Washington

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