For our third Gives Back trip of 2017, a team of MC employees went to Echo Ranch, near Portland, Oregon. Echo Ranch is an organization dedicated to offering an environment of support and encouragement, which restores the heart, soul, and mind, and strengthens individuals and their families. Guests at the ranch connect with a horse and ride, groom, or just pet a specially selected equine partner.

August 9th – 12th

Echo Ranch
Portland, Oregon

If it had not been for Echo Ranch, I wouldn’t have made it. It’s a family, and a place of hope where women can come and they get to live again and feel love again and have a family.


Guest, Echo Ranch

The team chose to build a patio that would give Echo Ranch a space for hanging out, eating meals together, and having events. We also constructed a pergola to give shade during the summer, as well as a brick firepit for hanging out in the evenings.
Over two and half days we worked to level the land and lay down 15 pallets of patio pavers! 

Upcoming Gives Back Trips

This summer was one of our busiest summers for Gives Back to date! We have one final trip on the  – our first ever international Gives Back Trip! Be sure to subscribe to get notified when we post stories and videos from Ghana!


October 13th – 23rd


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