Youth camps are a huge part of how Young Life connects with kids in each community where they are represented. After being established just one year ago, Young Life Mexico has dreams of putting on a camp for kids next April. A property was donated to use for the camp, and the MC team was tasked with adding a little fun and games to the property by building an obstacle course for the kids. With shovels in hand, we got to work on Monday and Tuesday to build a mud pit and several obstacles for the course. The first task was to dig a hole 15 feet by 30 feet and 3 feet deep – with shovels and pick axes. After two hours of digging, we realized this was a very large job. Each week, we have an internal meeting called “Smarter Not Harder” where we look for efficiencies within MC where we can offer better service to our customers. So we put our heads together and noticed a backhoe working in a nearby farm. After a little negotiating and the exchange of a few pesos, a job was created and the hole was dug very quickly. With the hours gained from this excellent decision, several other parts of the obstacle course were completed that wouldn’t otherwise have been. The day finished with the students from the Escuela Telescundaria 428 visiting for another soccer game and some swimming. They also got a preview of the obstacle course and are really looking forward to April. With two major projects completed this week, our team has accomplished what they set out to do. Great work, MC Gives Back 2013 team!!

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