What a great start to the week! The MC Gives Back team put in a couple long work days on Sunday and Monday with the Granados family. Along with two skilled Costa Rican workers, the team began rebuilding the techo (teh-cho, Spanish for “roof”).

Some helped construct a metal frame for the roof, others removed old roofing material, while another group spent time playing futbol with some of the children in the neighborhood. Everyone had a job to do and used their talents to give back to the community. The team made great progress and has really connected with the Granados family and Young Life leaders.

With any building project, there is a potential for injury – this project was no exception. Carlos, one of the Granados’ family members, cut his finger with a grinder tool while piecing together the new roof. Without a second thought, Drew Hayes (MC staff) quickly cut a piece from his own t-shirt with his knife to serve as a wrap to help stop the bleeding. This was just one of many examples of sacrifice the team made to serve the community in Costa Rica.

Another highlight was a soccer tournament on Saturday night between the Vida Joven Costa Rican students and Maintenance Connection staff. Needless to say, our staff was taught a soccer lesson that night.

Stay tuned for a more pictures from the finished roof project! In the meantime, here is a Photo Stream


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