As we prepare for our 2012 trip to Costa Rica in just a week, we’re looking forward to giving back and connecting with another group from Young Life. In Cambodia last October, we met Sambath. Sambath is a student within a program of Young Life called Developing Global Leaders (DGL). He attends school, learns a trade, and works during this time – while being mentored and supported by others he can learn from. We got to spend a lot of time working with Sambath in Cambodia while our MC Gives Back team worked to upgrade their computer facilities in one of the high schools of Phnom Penh.

Through the DGL program, anyone can choose to sponsor a student like Sambath in a developing country. We hope to participate in this program as we establish a connection with the Young Life staff and Costa Rican people during our visit. We will be working with families in a local community who are in need of some additional help. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for photos and stories from our MC Gives Back 2012 trip to Costa Rica. We will be flying to San José, Costa Rica on Friday the 19th and will be there through the following week.

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